1  What is a collaborator

2  Collaborator functionalities

What is a collaborator

Collaborators are people who only need to login to R2 Docuo in order to share files. As a general rule, collaborators are not members of the company but rather clients, suppliers etc., or people within the organization who only require file sharing functionalities .

Collaborator functionalities

Collaborator functionalities include sharing documents, and uploading, downloading or replacing documents.

Logging in to R2 Docuo will only open the folders view and the button bar will display only those buttons which refer to permitted actions.

Collaborators cannot view documents that have no main file, drafts or registries belonging to categories with no associated main document. Nor can collaborators view the metadata associated to the document.

Collaborators can however view published documents that are associated with a category and using links can move a document along specific transitions.