1  What the comments tab looks like

2  Marking comments as read

3  Showing comments read or sent by the user

4  Marking comments as unread


What the comments tab looks like

The comments tab in the notifications area displays comments that have not yet been read ordered by date created from the most recent to the oldest. The bottom part of the comments area contains the buttons with the different actions you can perform on the comments.

Unread comments have a red asterisk on their left hand side, next to the comments icon. The list in the comments area shows the basic information on each comment, including the name of the comment's creator, text of the comment, date created, document in which the comment has been created and recipients to which the comment has been assigned.

Double-clicking on any comment will open the corresponding document details window.


Marking comments as read

When you select a comment from the list in the comments area, a red circle with  an x will appear in the right margin.

If you click the x, the comment will be marked as read  and will disappear from the results list.


Showing comments read or sent by the user

Checking "Show read/sent comments" updates the results list of the comments area and shows read comments. Read comments show the same information as unread comments but do not have the red asterisk in the left hand margin.


Marking comments as unread

Selecting a read comment using the right mouse button opens the comments options menu. This menu will differ according to whether the user has created the document or been assigned as an interested party.

Comments assigned to the user as an interested party provide the option to "Mark as unread".