1  Access the repository's configuration area

2  The repository's configuration area

3  Set custom colours and logos

4  Set up mail server

Access the repository's configuration area

To access the repository configuration options, the service holder must log on to the R2 Docuo Web site.


To do this you must navigate to and enter user (email) and password in the section  "Login" To access the client area (my account).

In the client area is shown the list of the repositories contracted, with the option  "Configure" is accessed to the configuration of the repository.

The Repository's configuration area

The repository's configuration area displays general repository information such as the identifier and repository name, contracted license data, or usage data.

A link to the purple letters is displayed in the repository options that can be modified to access the modification window.

Set Custom colours and logos

The appearance of the Web portal is changed from the website of R2 Docuo Once the appearance has changed the changes you see in the Web portal associated with the repository:

To modify the appearance of the repository you have to go to section  "appearance" and select "Change appearance"

A window will open showing on the right an image with the current appearance of the repository and on the left a series of buttons with which you can choose the cover image, the header logo and the icon to use as well as the colors of the Background, the text and the buttons.

As the images are selected and the colors are changed the appearance in the image of the left showing how the Web access would look according to the parameters introduced.

When the appearance shown in the image on the left is desired, the changes are saved with the button "Save changes" that appears in the lower left part of the window.

Set up mail server

By default the sender of the mail sent from R2 Docuo is the name of the repository followed by @ ( but it is possible to change the mail server so that the mails are sent from a corporate address using the data of the own mail server.

To change the mail server, go to the "Email server" section of the repository configuration options and select "Change mail server"

The window will open to establish the new data on the server, select the option  "My own mail server" and complete the requested data.

When you save the changes, the automatic mail generated from R2 Docuo will be sent from the specified address.