1  Adding automatic emails

2  Types of automatic email

3  Adding recipients


Adding automatic emails

From the "Email" step you can configure automatic emails linked to determined actions on the documents in the category. In all emails you can use replacement tags to configure the subject line, heading and body of the email so that it serves as a template for automatic emails.

To create automatic emails, click the "New" button the button bar.

Clicking "New" will open the window so you can select the type of email to be created.

The new email window is divided into three parts: email type where you can define the action that will generate the automatic sending of the email, the body of the email and the recipients of the email which in R2 Docuo can be of three types: user, email fields, and fixed email addresses.


Types of automatic email

R2 Docuo can create four types of automatic email depending on the action which generates them:

Email when new document created

This email will be sent the first time changes are saved when a new document is created or when documents are uploaded directly to the category.

Email when published

This email will be sent when the published version becomes available for all users. This type of email has the option of adding attachments or the main document.

Email when state moves forward

This email is sent when the document moves forward a state. To create this type of email you need to select the transition that will cause the email to be sent.

For example, to send an email to the client when an offer is accepted, you will have to select the transition from "Email sent to Client" to "Offer Accepted".

Email when state moves forward in a group

This sends a single email with all the documents that move forward in a group at once. It does not allow attachments or documents to be added.

The body of the message is repeated for every document that moves forward in a group at the same time. Therefore, if six offers are moved to the "Rejected" state, just one email will be sent and the body of the email will list all six documents with the code and name tags replaced.


Adding recipients

Automatic emails can have three separate types of recipient:

Users and groups

Recipients are users or collaborators of the company and this allows emails to be sent to users or user groups created in R2 Docuo.

To add users and groups as email recipients, simply click "Assign users and groups" and select the required recipients.

Email fields

When you assign email fields as recipients of the email it will be sent to the email address that is established in the field from the details window.

To assign email fields as recipients, you need to click "Assign Email fields" and select the fields to be used as recipients of the email.

Email addresses

Assigning an email address will send the email to the established email address. Email addresses are fixed addresses which are added using the button "Email addresses".

Enter the email addresses in the text box separated by a line break.

The email window will display the recipients assigned to receive it.