1  Adding control options


Adding control options

In the “Control” step you can restrict the possibility of certain users changing a document's state (for example, only some users may be allowed to change the state to "Email sent to Client”). You can also restrict the visibility of a state (for example, only some users can view offers in the "Offer Accepted" state) and define which users can modify a document in a specific state (for example, only users of the sales department group can change the document in the "Offer of Service" state).

A category's control options and permissions overlap with the permissions of the folder where the file is located. This means that for a user to be able to see a document they must: (1) have permission to view the folder, (2) have permission to view the category and (3) have no restriction in the category's control options.

To establish controls, go to the "Control" step and click "New" .

Select the restriction to be created in the New Process Control window.

Select the transition or state affected by the control from the "Transition" drop down list .

Use the button "Assign users and groups" to add the users or user groups that will be authorized to perform the selected action.

Only assigned users will be able to perform the action selected in the control.

Once you have saved the users or user groups with permission to perform the action, they will appear in the process control list.