1  Document categories

2  Creating documents in categories

3  Viewing metadata

4  Filling out metadata

Document categories

Categories are groupings which help to separate documents by type, e.g. offers, contracts, incidents, etc.

Documents which belong to a category can have the category code in the document name so as to see which category it belongs to at first sight.

In R2 Docuo there can be three types of categories: categories with document, categories with version control and categories with no document which function like a data storage sheet.

Categories with document

Categories with document allow you to separate documents by type and to add metadata.

For more information, click here.

Categories with version control

Categories with version control allow you to distinguish between the different versions of the same document and to control which document version is visible to collaborators.

It has the "Main document" field split into two,  the "Draft" field and the "Published version" field.

From the web portal you cannot publish, version or move documents to obsolete.

For more information, click here.

Categories with no document

Categories with no document work like a data sheet, they have no "main document" field and potential documents are stored in the  attachments.

For more information, click here.

Creating documents in categories

As in the case of the desktop application, from the web portal you can create documents associated to a category from the Folders view or Categories view.

From the Folders view

Select the Folder where you want to save the document and click "New document".

A window will pop up where you can select the category for the new document.

Clicking OK will open a window with the metadata for the selected category. From this window you can fill out the necessary data and save changes.

Saving will create the record without an associated document.

Afterwards you can add the document as instructed under the Uploading documents heading.

From the Categories view

To create documents from the Categories view select the category for the document and then click "New document".

R2 Docuo will ask you to select the folder where to you want to save the new document.

Once you have selected the folder, a window will open so you can fill out the metadata associated to the category.

On saving the changes, the document will be created in the selected category.  

Afterwards you can add the document as instructed under the Uploading documents heading.

Viewing metadata

You can view metadata from the web portal by opening the document details. To open document details, click the blue arrow to the right of the document.

For more information on metadata, click here.

Filling out metadata

When you open the document details, on the right hand margin of each field group there is a link you can click to modify the values of its fields.

Clicking "Edit" will open the field edit window.

To fill out the metadata, you need to select the field to be filled out and enter the required value.

Once you have entered or changed the data click "Save changes" to save your changes and close the field edit window.

For more information on how to fill out metadata, click here.

From the web portal it is not possible to add new values to drop down lists with search nor to fill out metadata in a group.