1  R2 Docuo search values

2  How to carry out a search

R2 Docuo search values

R2 Docuo searches by name, date, and path as well as by any other value saved in the metadata, therefore by remembering just one of the document's details, the application will display a list of results containing the values you have defined for the search.

R2 Docuo searches for complete words, not word parts.

You can continue to enter values in the search results window so as to refine your search and easily find the document you are looking for.

How to carry out a search

Searches are carried out by entering the text to be searched for in the R2 Docuo search bar. When you start writing the text to be searched for, the search results start to appear.

From the initial search results you can refine the search by continuing to write new details in the search bar.

By entering the word "lease" the number of results has diminished. Only one document appears.