1  How to edit documents

2  How to discard changes

3  Replacing documents

4  Working off line

How to edit documents in R2 Docuo (desktop application)

Document editing in R2 Docuo using the desktop application is very similar to standard document editing on your PC.

Documents are edited by double clicking on them in the results list, and this action temporarily downloads them onto the PC and opens them. Once you have finished editing a document, when you close it, the changes are automatically uploaded to the cloud and become visible to all other users.

Note that if the system is set up to open the document details when you double click you can right click to open the document.

When you double click on a document in the desktop application, R2 Docuo marks it as "in editing mode" and displays a disk icon that shows the number of documents in editing mode at that time.

Documents in editing mode are shown in the results list with their name in red.

After making the necessary changes in the document, just close it.

When you close the document, the changes will be automatically uploaded to the Cloud and become visible to all other users. The document is no longer in editing mode, the disk icon disappears and the document name appears in black again.

Some program extensions may require closing the editing program and not just the document for R2 Docuo to detect that editing is ended.

How to discard changes

When there are documents in editing mode, the top right of the R2 Docuo screen displays a disk icon with red circle showing the number of documents being edited by the user at that moment.

By clicking on the disk button, the user will be able to view all the documents being edited and if necessary to discard the changes made.

With the document in editing mode (without closing the file) click the disk icon.

To the right of each document name, the "Discard changes" option can be used to delete the changes made to the document.

When you discard changes the document stays open but is no longer in editing mode, therefore R2 Docuo will ignore any change made. To return to editing mode, you will need to close the file and to reopen it  in editing mode from R2 Docuo.

To discard the changes made in all documents  in editing mode, you can click "Discard All" on the bottom right hand part of the window.

Replacing documents

Another way  of editing documents is to replace the previous document with the new one containing the required changes.

When a document is uploaded to a folder in which there is already a document with the same name, R2  Docuo will prompt whether the file should be replaced.

Select the required action in the dialog window, in this case "Replace". The document previously saved in R2 Docuo will be replaced with the new document.

Working off line

The R2 Docuo desktop application allows you to work with documents locally without an Internet connection, on condition that you have previously started to edit them. To do this, all you have to do is to select R2 Docuo to keep the documents in editing mode after the desktop application closes.

When the R2 Docuo desktop application closes with documents in editing mode, the file transfer window pops up from which you can select "Close and keep in edit mode" (at the bottom of the window) to close R2 Docuo and to be able to work with the documents off line.

WARNING:        Documents left in editing mode remain locked for all other users. Until you open R2 Docuo again and save changes, other users will be able to open the documents in "Read only" mode.

When you open R2 Docuo, after keeping documents in editing mode, the top right hand corner of the login window will display a disk icon with the number of documents in editing mode.

Clicking the disk icon will display the documents previously left in editing mode. From this window, you can start working with the documents as normal.

When the connection is available again, R2 Docuo will open and you can use the disk icon with the "Save All" button to save changes to the documents and upload them to the cloud so they are visible to all other users.