1  What the R2 Docuo configuration window looks like

2  General security policies

3  Security policies for users and collaborators

4  Security policies for administrators

5  Space and transfer management

6  Reminder send time


What the R2 Docuo configuration window looks like

The R2 Docuo configuration window is opened using the spanner icon which appears on the top right of the R2 Docuo desktop application when you login with an administrator account.

It consists of two tabs, "General " where you can configure security policies, check the contracted use of space and transfers and configure the time for sending reminders.

And the "Advanced" R2 Docuo settings tab where you can configure settings such as how to order folders and categories alphabetically, configure the way in which the document details window opens, etc.


General security policies

From the "General" tab you can establish general security policies.

You can establish the number of days after which passwords will expire and the time during which a user will be locked out  after entering the wrong password. If the value of these options is left as 0 passwords will never expire and users will never be unlocked.

The "Logout on exit" option allow the administrator to disable the "stay logged in" feature in the login screen for all users and collaborators in this repository.


Security policies for users and collaborators

Security policies for users and collaborators allow you to define the number of characters the password must have, the number of passwords R2 Docuo will remember and complexity options.

To establish the number of characters for passwords and the number of passwords to remember, simply enter the required value in the text box.

In the case of the options for password complexity, check the boxes according to the type of characters the password must have.


Security policies for administrators

R2 Docuo allows you to assign different security policies for administrators. The security policy options for administrators are established in the same way as for users and collaborators.


Space and transfer management

The space and transfer management window is opened by clicking "Open" on the "General" tab of the R2 Docuo settings window.

Space and transfer management shows the total storage space used in R2 Docuo and the total size of monthly downloads. On the 1st of each month the download meter will be reset and start again from 0.


Reminder send time

You can customize the time for sending reminders. You can set the time when reminder emails will be sent.