1  What the "General" tab looks like

2  Information displayed in the "General" tab


What the "General" tab looks like

The appearance of the "General" tab will depend on  the document's category as documents in a category can have fields and attributes or process information, which can be displayed in the "General" tab.

The button bar appears at the top. In the central area you can see the fields associated to the document. At the bottom we have the "Main document" field which shows the associated document.


Information displayed in the "General" tab

The "General" tab displays the information contained in the fields associated  to the document and also the associated main document.

All documents have a "Properties" field group containing the document's basic information separated by fields:


The Code field is a system field which is automatically filled in when the documents are created.


The Name field indicates the document's name, and when you modify the value of this field value you will also be modifying the main document's name.


The Description field can be used to add further information to the document. This information appears below the document name in the results list with the text colored in blue.


The Date field shows the date on which the document was created. You can change it for a date of your choice (e.g. a document's publication date).


The Path field shows the folder where the document is saved.

As you will see further on, a document can have additional fields according to its category.