1  How to create folder queries

2  How to create field and condition queries

3  How to convert a user query into a system query


How to create folder queries

From the queries tree right click on the folder with the user name to open the  "New query" option.

Selecting "New query" will open up a window where you can choose the type of query to be created.

When you select "By folders" and click OK, a window will open with the folder tree so you can enter the name you want to give the query and select the folders to be displayed.

Once you have selected the folders and named the query, you can close the window by clicking "OK". The query will be created in the user queries section.


How to create field and condition queries

As above, create a "New query" and in the selection window choose "By fields and conditions".

Clicking OK will open a window with the list of all fields and attributes created in R2 Docuo categories.

The values of the list are in alphabetical order. Each value in the list of fields and attributes shows first the name of the field group and in brackets the category to which it belongs .

In the example below, we will create a query that shows all documents with the date created and user who created them.

To do this, you must select the fields "Created by" and "Created on" from the "Properties" field group and give your query a name.

For the document name and modified date to appear you will need to select the fields "Document" and "Modified" which appear in the bottom part of the window.

Clicking OK will create the query in the user queries section. When you run the query you will view all documents along  with the information on the date when they were created and the user who created them.


How to convert a user query into a system query

Once user queries have the required details and aspect you can convert them into system queries so that they are visible to all other R2 Docuo users.

To mark a query as a system query you will need to edit it from the queries' options menu with a right click of the mouse.

Checking the "System filter" box which appears in the right hand margin of the query window will convert a user query into a system query.

Clicking OK will mark the query as a system filter and it will appear in the bottom section of the query tree.