1  How to view the process map

2  Process traceability

How to view the process map

The process map is the diagram of the full set of states (Circles) and transitions (Arrows) that make up the process.

Each category has its own process map and each process can only be assigned to one category.

To open the process map you first need to open the document details and then click the link that appears in the "Change state" field.

Clicking the link opens the window with the process map.

For more information on the process map, click here.

Process traceability

Process traceability shows the information on the user and who moved a document state forward through the different transitions and when.

It document has its own separate traceability even if it belongs to a same category as different users can move documents forward on different dates.

The process map only shows the last forward transition so that if a document moves several times through the same transition only the last person who moved it forward will appear alone with the last transition date.

For more information on the process map, click here.