1  What the reminders tab looks like

2  Marking reminders as read

3  Marking reminders as unread

4  Showing past reminders


What the reminders area looks like

The reminders tab in the notifications area shows unread and future reminders split into two sections.

The top section "My reminders" shows the reminders that have been assigned to you as an interested party. The bottom section "Reminders assigned by me" shows the reminders that you have created for other people.

The bottom part of the reminders area contains the button with the different actions you can perform on reminders.

Unread reminders appear with a red asterisk in the left hand margin. The color of the reminders' bell changed depending on whether or not the reminder has expired. Expired reminders appear with the bell in gray, whereas future reminders appear with  the bell icon in yellow.

Reminders continue to appear in the results list until their expiry date.

                                 Double-clicking on a reminder will open the corresponding document details window.                                                                                


Marking reminders as read

When you select a reminder from the list in the reminders area, an x will appear in the right hand margin.

If you click the x, the reminder will appear as read and the red asterisk will disappear but the reminder will continue to be displayed in the results list until after its expiry date.


Marking reminders as unread

Selecting a read reminder using the right mouse button opens the reminders options menu. This menu will differ according to whether the user has created the reminder or been assigned as an interested party.

Reminders assigned to the user as an interested party provide the option to "Mark as unread".


Showing past reminders

To view past reminders check the "Show past reminders" box in the bottom left of the reminders area.

This will display past reminders assigned to the user as an interested party or which the user has created for other users.