1  How to upload documents from the web portal

2  Other ways of uploading documents from the web portal


How to upload documents from the web portal

To upload documents from the web portal you will need to select the folder where you want to save the document and then click the "Upload files" button on the button bar.

The "Upload files" button only appears in folders with permission to upload documents.

The "Upload files" button opens a file explorer where you can select the documents to be uploaded to R2 Docuo. Once you  have selected the documents, click "Open" to start the upload.

In the bottom right hand corner of the document a file transfer window will appear where you can view the progress of the upload and if necessary cancel the document upload.


Other ways of uploading documents to the web portal

You can also load documents by dragging documents directly from your computer to the folder's result list.

The steps to follow are the same as in the previous point but instead of using the button "load files " The documents are dragged from the computer to the results list of the selected folder.

Loading files in the document details

R2 Docuo allows to have documents without assigned main file, these documents appear in the list of results with an icon in the form of exclamation.

From the details of the document with the "Upload" option that appears to the right of the "Main Document" field, the file can be uploaded to the document.

A file explorer will open to select the documents that will be uploaded to R2 Docuo. Once the document has been selected by pressing the "Open" button, loading begins.

When you start the upload, if the file name on your PC is different to the file name for the document in R2 Docuo, a warning will appear.

Clicking OK will upload the file to the document.