1  The notifications area

2  How the notifications area works


The notifications area

The notifications area is a panel that displays notifications created in the collaborative panel for documents (activities tab in document details). The notifications area is divided into three tabs, one for each type of notification.

Each user is shown notifications pending that the user has created or in which the user appears as an interested party.


How the notifications area works

The notifications area is only enabled when notifications have been created or when there are notifications that the user has not yet read and in which the user appears as an interested party.

When you have notifications pending a warning will appear in the notifications button.

When you click notifications (the button with the person icon) you will open the notifications area where you can view pending notifications separated by type.

When you login to R2 Docuo and have pending notifications, the notifications area will open automatically.

To close the notifications area you will need to click the notifications button again.