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Display a system field in a group other than “Properties”.

Some data fields in Docuo are called “system” because they are common to all document categories.

Typically these fields are found in the “Properties” group, and are the name, description, path, etc. System fields can also be found in the “Forms” group and others.

Occasionally, Docuo administrators need to display these fields in groups other than their original location and find that the “Change Group” function of the field is not available because they are system fields.

Create a “Read-only field of this category”.

In the “Fields” section of a category, go to the group where you want to place the system field and click on the “New field” button.

Then choose from the drop-down list below the type“Read-only field of this category“:

Now, in the “Options” tab, in the “Data” section, choose the field of the category itself that you want to map in the “Related field” parameter:

In the example, we will display the document date in a field located in a group other than “Properties”.

Updated on 1 de July de 2024
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