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How to activate the Teams connector step by step

Docuo integration with Microsoft Teams.

At Docuo , we have created a connector for Teams , with which you can :

  • Send information from the repository to a channel in a Teams team.
  • Have a new type of automatic email “Microsoft Teams”, an option that will appear next to the email, notification or SMS, being able to specify one or more destination Teams channels.
  • And set a Teams channel as the recipient of a follow-up (comment, reminder, or task).

This integration is only available in the Business and Enterprise versions of Docuo.

  • If you are not a Docuo customer yet, try the free version now.
  • If you’re a Professional customer , contact us and upgrade to Business to enjoy the new Teams connector and many more benefits.
  • And if you’re already a Business or Enterprise customer , follow the instructions to activate your Teams connector:


To carry out the installation correctly, you must be a Docuo administrator.

Once you are in your repository, access the Configuration section through the three dots. Once inside, in the Plugins tab, you will be able to see all the available connectors available in Docuo. Clicking the “Open” button will automatically take you to Teams to start the configuration.

MicrosoftTeams configuration

Settings in Teams

The following screen will appear indicating the steps to follow to configure your connector. Enter the link “Docuo application” and follow the instructions:

Now select “Add to a team”:

Next, you must indicate the team or channel in which you want to install it:

You will find the teams and channels in the “Teams” button. There you will have the option to configure a board so that user groups can collaborate:

Once the equipment is selected, the “Configure a connector” button will appear. By pressing it, you will access the configuration window of Docuo’s own Teams application:

The App will propose a default username based on your email. Enter your password and select “Continue” to get to the next step:

On this screen, you will see a list of repositories that match the username and password you entered. You must choose one. And, automatically, the App will propose a name with which to identify the connector in Docuo with the name of the team and channel.

On “Save”, the connector will be created in Teams and linked to the Docuo repository of your choice:

Edit settings

To edit connector settings in Teams, you’ll need to select the three dots icon to the right of the channel name.

Then, you must choose the “Configured” option and search for Docuo.

Expand the “Configured” tab and you will see the “Manage” option, from where you can rename or remove the connector.

Check the configuration in Docuo

To check the correct configuration of the connector, go back to the “Teams” tab of your repository:

Hit “Open” and you’ll find your new Teams connector already set up:

Get started with your Teams connector

When composing a message , the “Microsoft Teams” option will appear in Message type and you will be able to select the connector in the “To” option:

When creating or modifying a follow, you can additionally add a Teams channel as a recipient .

And finally, when you create a comment in the channel , you will see the post that looks like this:

Updated on 6 de November de 2023
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