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Difference between “Access” and “View” permissions

Permissions in Docuo are set at the folder and category level. The Access permission is required for users and collaborators to be able to access the documents in the folder or category concerned by any means.

The View permission, on the other hand, only serves to show or hide the corresponding folder or category in the application’s navigation tree from the user , but does not prevent them from accessing the affected documents by other means.

“Access” permission“View” permissionOutcome
GrantedGrantedNo restrictions
GrantedDeniedThe folder or category does not appear in the navigation tree or in the start menu, but it is possible to view documents in that folder or category by other means (for example from a related list in another category or by searching).
DeniedGrantedUnable to view documents from that folder or category
DeniedDeniedUnable to view documents from that folder or category
Combinations of “Access” permission and “View” permission

“Access” permission

Indicates whether or not a user has access to the documents found in the folder or category in which it is granted.

The access permission is the most restrictive permission in Docuo, regardless of the value of the rest of the permissions: If you cannot access, you cannot View, Create, Modify, etc.

Category-level permissions

“View” permission

Indicates whether a user can see the category or folder in which permission has been granted in the Docuo navigation tree.

If the user does not have the View permission but is granted the Access permission, they will still be able to select the document from a drop-down list, view it in the details tab of a related category, and access the details window or forms for editing metadata.

Folder-level permissions

Updated on 24 de May de 2022
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