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Docuo API Terms and Conditions of Use

Thank you for developing on the Docuo platform. By using the Docuo API, or building or distributing an application that makes use of the Docuo API, you agree to these Terms and Conditions governing access to and use of the Docuo API.

As a developer, please read these terms carefully before investing your time in developing an application that makes use of the Docuo API. You can develop using the Docuo API only if you hold a valid Docuo license.

If you do not have your own license and are developing with the Docuo API for an organization, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and are responsible for having the authorization of that organization to perform development on their behalf in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. In this case, “you” and “your” refer to the organization holding the license.

Your applications

A “Docuo API Application” (hereinafter “Docuo App”) is any application that accesses through the Docuo API to Docuo. Docuo Apps must comply with Docuo’s policies and the requirements set forth in this document, as well as any other signed contractual documentation, or technical documentation provided by R2 Sistemas.

You must request authorization to R2 Sistemas to develop a Docuo App and make use of the different APIs. We may refuse such requests or even revoke a previously granted authorization if we believe you are violating these terms and conditions in form or substance, are attempting to cover up an abusive use against the product licensing policy, or we think your Docuo App is in any way detrimental to R2 Sistemas and Docuo users.

Docuo Credit Consumption

The use of the API may involve the consumption of Docuo credits on your license when making calls, according to the terms and conditions of use of the product. You can consult the details of Docuo’s prices in the following link:

Docuo Price

Prohibited actions

You and your Docuo App should not:

Performing actions against an acceptable use policy, such as mass API calls, iterative stress testing or any other automated action that could be construed as a threat to service availability.

Use the Docuo API without implementing your own user authentication mechanism in your application. For example, an open web page that offers a direct download of a Docuo document, or a list of Docuo documents, without first asking for a username and password for your own App.

Use mechanisms to violate the licensing policy of the product, such as sharing secrets and / or access tokens of a Docuo user by multiple users of your application, without the written consent of R2 Systems.

Use Docuo’s name, trademarks, logos or elements of Docuo’s corporate image without the written consent of R2 Sistemas.

Correct use of the API

Unless otherwise authorized in writing by R2 Sistemas:

An oAuth authorization (user_id, user_secret, access token) of a Docuo named user for your application authorizes API calls from a single named user of your App.

It is prohibited to share a single Docuo authorization orAuth with two or more named users of your Docuo App. If you think your Docuo App needs to do this, please contact the Docuo team before programming it to study an alternative solution or authorize this API usage, using a proxy account prepared for such concurrent traffic.

Sharing the same access token among several users of your app, or generating it for several users of your app with the same user_id and user_secret without authorization from R2 Sistemas, can lead to the definitive revocation of your development authorization without prior notice.

R2 Systems may limit the number of calls accepted by the API if we believe that the number of calls may negatively impact the Docuo API or the Docuo service.

Docuo’s API and the product itself is a work in progress. You should keep this in mind: there will be changes to the product and API as we refine and add more features to the product, always with the needs of our users and developers in mind.

Approval of your Docuo App

When you start developing a new Docuo App, it is considered to be in “under development” status. The API functionalities will be the same as in the “in production” state, except for a limit of 5 oAuth authorizations for it.

In “under development” status you can build your Docuo App and conduct pilot tests of its performance, however you agree not to use your Docuo App in production environments until it has been approved.

Once the development is finished, you can request R2 Sistemas to move your Docuo App to “in production” status. Before submitting this application, please ensure that your Docuo App complies with the terms and conditions, as your application will be rejected if it does not.

In order to approve your Docuo App, R2 Sistemas can request all or part of the source code of your Docuo App, as well as test users to check its functionality and the correct use of the Docuo API.

Other platforms

You are fully responsible for any interaction of your Docuo App with other platforms, products and operating systems.

You must not indicate or advertise Docuo’s compatibility with other products or services without authorization. For example, you cannot advertise your Docuo App on your website as “compatible with Docuo” without authorization from R2 Sistemas.

End user’s personal data

If personal information is collected through your Docuo App, you must ensure that this information is collected, processed, transmitted, maintained and used in accordance with all applicable laws in Spain, Europe and in your country, and you must publish your own privacy policy that you make available to users of your Docuo App.

You must comply with the terms and conditions of your privacy policy and employ reasonable measures to protect the personal information you collect through the Docuo API.

Duration and Termination

R2 Sistemas may terminate your access to part or all of the Docuo API by: (a) breach of any provision of these terms and conditions; (b) legal requirement to R2 Sistemas; (c) if R2 Sistemas ceases to offer any services related to all or part of the API or (d) for any other reason with 30 days prior written notice to you.




We may revise these API Terms and Conditions of Use from time to time. This page will always contain the most current version of the same. By continuing to access or use the Docuo API following a change in terms, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms. If you do not accept the new terms, please stop using the Docuo API.

Updated on 24 de April de 2023
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