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Single-use replacement labels

How do they work

Docuo conventional substitution tags can be added to Microsoft 365 documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with the following syntax:

<@Grupo de campo:Campo>

Every time Docuo processes a document, it replaces these labels with the values of the corresponding fields.

If you later change the value of those fields, Docuo can replace these values again in the Office document with the “Replace Labels” action or when publishing a new version.

Although this behavior is useful in most situations, it prevents users from being able to freely edit already replaced text. That way, if a new tag replacement occurs, your changes can be overwritten as well.

For example, if you’re composing a smart document template using tags, you’ll want users to be able to freely edit the resulting document, without worrying about replaced text, and delete or change any part of the document.

For these cases there are single-use substitution labels .

These tags have a very similar syntax to conventional tags. Simply, the @ is replaced by a #:

<#Grupo de campo:Campo>

One-time tags are also replaced with the corresponding values when the document is processed. However, they do not keep any kind of marker with the generated text and will not be replaced in the future even if the fields change or more “Replace Labels” actions are executed.

You can mix conventional and “single-use” replacement labels according to your needs in the same template.



Updated on 6 de November de 2023
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