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How safe is Docuo?

Security features of the service

All information entered into Docuo is encrypted during transfer and storage. Docuo uses modern encryption techniques such as SSL and AES-256.

Our employees are prohibited from accessing the content of the files you store on Docuo. They can access the technical data linked to the files when they have a justified reason (such as providing support). However, to comply with international legal regulations, there are a small number of employees who may have full access for the reasons stated in the terms and conditions of the service (eg when legally required). In any case, this is the exception and not the rule. Some automatic processes like content replacement also temporarily decrypt files, but it is an automatic process and not supervised by humans.

All our infrastructure is periodically audited to detect vulnerabilities and protect it against possible attacks. Docuo is designed with several layers of protection including permissions for connection origin limitation, intrusion detection systems and redundant infrastructure.

Even if the Docuo API is used to carry out a low-level integration with other systems, the API calls will be validated through the oAuth 2.0 protocol avoiding the explicit communication of passwords. To grant an application developed by a third party access to your Docuo repository, you need to explicitly authorize that application with an administrator account. The same administrator can revoke such access at any time from the user interface.

Where is my data physically stored?

R2 Docuo servers are located in different data centers in Spain and the European Union.

What backup policy does the service have?

The main purpose of our backup policy is to ensure the continuity of the service (that under no circumstances are the data stored in Docuo lost at all times).

Internally, our team is constantly working on increasing our infrastructure to generate more security in backup tasks with different techniques (redundancy in disk arrays and servers, backups in different locations, etc.).

Storage policy may vary internally at our discretion and changes to our infrastructures.

The usual thing is to store for each repository:

  • Daily incremental copy (kept last 6)
  • Weekly full copy (preserved the last 4)
  • Full monthly copy (last 3 copies retained)

Please note that this policy may change at our discretion without the need for us to notify our customers of the change.

“I want to recover that document that I deleted 2 months ago from the trash…”

The main purpose of our backup copies is that in the event of a disaster we always have the latest data or the closest thing to the latest data available. However, in an emergency, you can request in a support ticket that we evaluate if selective data recovery is possible, taking into account that (1) this service is not included in the Docuo usage fee and therefore will have a cost and (2) we cannot assure you that we will be able to retrieve the information you request.

What systems for the protection and monitoring of information do you use?

The systems for the protection and monitoring of information that the R2 Docuo service has include multiple hardware and software components, in addition to the physical security characteristics of the data processing centers (CPD).

These elements include, among others: intrusion detection systems, firewalls, antivirus, antispyware, redundant topology to prevent DOS attacks, multiple information locations, physical access security (24-hour surveillance), biometric systems for access control , climate control through cold air / hot air corridors, uninterruptible power supply systems and, in general, all safety indications according to the telecommunications infrastructure standards for Data Processing Centers.

What happens to my data when I delete my account?

For legal reasons, the data is kept for 30 days after the cancellation of the subscription or the deletion of the main user account. During this period of time, a user can request to recover his account with the information it contains.

At the end of that period, all the data you stored in Docuo is completely deleted.

Updated on 6 de November de 2023
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