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How can I get support?

If you think something is not working as it should or you need help, you can create a Support Ticket for our team to review the issue.

Only the holder of the Docuo service can request support. If you are a Docuo user other than the owner of the service, contact the owner of your repository (normally the person who gave you your access data or the IT department of your organization).

If you are the owner of the Docuo service, log in to the Docuo website to access the “My account” section.

On this page you will find the “Support” section where you can create new tickets and check the status of the current ones.

Once you create a support ticket, our team will contact you by phone or email to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The Service Owner may create additional “Support Users” (one additional Support User for every 10 user accounts purchased in the License Plan). Support users can create Support Tickets and check their status.

Updated on 19 de April de 2022
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