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Can I use Docuo on a Mac?

Although there is no application for the MacOS operating system, the Docuo web portal provides access to most of the system’s features. Therefore you can use Docuo on your Apple Mac computer via the web portal of your repository.

If your Mac is also modern, it is possible that it has an Apple chip. If your Mac has an Apple chip, you can download the R2 Docuo app for iOS from the Mac App Store (in the “iPhone Apps” section). Although the R2 Docuo App for iOS is optimized for mobile devices, it also provides an acceptable user experience on Apple Chip Macs.

To see if your Mac has an Apple chip, select Apple menu > “About this Mac”. If a chip appears – for example, Chip “Apple M1” – then the Mac has an Apple chip.

However, there are several important features for Docuo administration that are only available in the Windows desktop application: user creation and management, permission settings, workflow design, as well as general system options and preferences.

If you are going to use Docuo in your organization, our advice is to have at least one member of your team (the administrator) use the Windows desktop app.

Updated on 3 de July de 2024
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