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Automatic action: Combine PDF documents

Merge to PDF is a type of automatic action for the main file or file-type fields of a Docuo category, which allows one or more additional files to be appended to the end of them, resulting in a single PDF document.

This functionality is only available in the Enterprise version of Docuo.

To define the combination of files, we must open the configuration of the automatic actions. This configuration is available in the transitions, states or forms of a category, accessible from the category wizard.

For example, in a category with a main file, several file-type fields and a process, we can access the configuration of a transition ” Start the task “, then clicking on the ” Actions when advancing ” tab we will find the action to the main file of ” Merge into PDF with “:

This action is also available for fields of type file. Clicking on the “New” button, from the list of actions and selecting ” File type field “:

The files that we are going to use to combine must be in the document itself : main file, published version or file type fields. You are also allowed to use read-only fields of related file type from other categories.

To indicate the files we display the “Combine in PDF” list:

For example, for the main file, all the file type fields of the category appear, so that the files that I want to add at the end of the main file can be marked in the desired order:

In this case we have decided to add a Payroll and then the front of the DNI and then its back. The column on the right indicates the selection order, which in turn is the combination order. By pressing accept we can see the result of the combination:

From this same screen it is possible to remove an element from the combination by moving the mouse to the element and pressing the X

It is also possible to change the order by dragging and dropping any element with the mouse to the desired position.

An additional combination possibility is to choose the “Specified by formula” option. That allows us to indicate which fields we want to combine based on a JavaScript script that returns a text string with the names of the fields separated by commas. For example based on an amount:

The combination is carried out whenever any of the source fields has a PDF or convertible to PDF document and as long as the destination is PDF, convertible to PDF or is empty.

Updated on 6 de November de 2023
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